dreaming eyes wat do u see?
u see me or the snake of sea?
the ghost of past said hello to us
do we fear or let it shear
it hangs us inside n out..

fly to breathe the air
come down to feel the pain
distant stars wont care
d moment has passed
so how do we bear?

the rise and fall of the shooting stars
bypassing in the atmosphere
merging into our dreams again
making a light that i want to share
bringing the life to an end
which make us so fearless
water of our slippery eyes
brings out less depth of our fair
the echo makes us awake again
and surreal our dreams become

start following our paths in the ocean
as the ocean began to start a motion
as we repeat our action and fall into the mouth of creation….

Heavenly sun

staring at the sun with no hope behind
drawing the line with no sublime
hurt full n heartless thing began
crying the pain out n sang
eyes all red to perfect
night is dark as expected
surround me there’s darkness
come to me if u are careless
as lost i am do u want to become?
no day can bring me joy
no dawn can stop me cry
silence is striking, patients is passing time is traveling
but i am stuck in the madness
of watching heavenly sadness..

Hope less

losing mind till the moment i live till the moment i sleep..
things can never turn the way god lifted
seeing life in peace can make me wait for life to turn itself
but all i want is  moment to wake up n try an stop me
always to get in the way devil chose it…
clearly stars deprived of none rust
n always be waiting of off you..
paying no attention to pain n believing in gain can cause a destruction.. i wake to have peace of mind. seeing blurry life turn off itself together making mess forever.. she cant touch that note of survival .  so far away of d clarity to bang n no one is free .. down here in the devils hole dat v purely call d mighty’s home .

If only i could

i somehow feel i am drowning..somehow want to sink the pain n keep drowning ..do not wan to be saved..do not wan to revive from the agony that caused my heart to break…break n die in the little moment.. if only i could escape d love..if only there was no one to save me..if only i could…


this is a start of a new beginning

start of a new hope..

where i could be with you without cry

and with no lies..

a start of something new

where i flew, to make it true..

holding on to me this time

make me use it all for you..

love me like you never loved before

take me back and bring me home

make it beautiful

something new..